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Exclusive interview Uber attack Victim

September 2016 -

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Safe Driving: Know your limits

April 2016 - With the re-introduction of the Dräger breathalyser system on South African roads, drivers and partygoers will need to pay extra attention to their alcohol consumption. Keeping a close eye on ...

ShuttleDirect always puts safety first

March 2016 - Make sure that your safety is a priority at all times and the the company you go with has sufficient passenger insurance


License renewal new rules

October 2015 - iAfrica has reported on the new rules when it comes to renewing your licence that will come in to effect on the 1st of November 2015. Regulation 32A of the National Road Traffic Regulations ...

Is your Transfer Company of Choice really Safe

January 2015 - It is every individuals responsibility to ensure that the Company You Choose to take care of your transfer needs are providing you with a safe; secure and protected (insurance wise) manner. Ma...

Why children should never sit in the front seat of a car

December 2014 - Why children should never sit in the front seat of a car South African families will travel with their children this festive season. It's not uncommon to see children - often...

Avoid Overloading and book you seat in advance

October 2014 - Book in advance and we will secure your seat. We will get you to your next point on time and safe!

Mobile use while driving Kills People

September 2014 - Volkswagen created a powerful visual to raise awareness on the high risk of mobile phone usage while driving. Please take care and wait till you stop your vehicle before sending or replying on yo...

ShuttleDirect Snow Report

Snow at Matroosberg

June 2014 - Snow Report SA ?@SnowReportSA 11m This morning 10/06/2014 at Matroosberg #SNOW #cape

ShuttleDirect Traffic news

N3 North Traffic update

June 2014 - JHB - N3 North, Stationary Vehicle before Van Buuren Road - delays from N12 Elands Interchange

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