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How to travel from city to city in the UK while following the bokke

September 2015


Cape Town - Finally it's time to put on your green and gold, raise your banners and support our rugby boys. This year’s RWC is held in the United Kingdom.

Fans making their way to the UK, Land of the Rose, will find this infographic from FlightSite, useful for getting around the UK with ease, finding a good beer while watch SA’s games.

Practical commutes between Brighton, Birmingham, Newcastle and London: Fans in it for the long run should know that South Africa’s first game against Japan, kicks off on Saturday 19 September in Brighton. Following this, they are set to take on

- Samoa on Saturday 26 September

- Scotland on Saturday 3 October

- USA on Wednesday 7 October

Dodge queues by booking your tickets in advance. Pre-booking in South Africa is the cheaper option. Currently 1 British pound will cost rand earners R21,29.

Take the train, fly or drive? The UK offers well-known and trusted commuting options to get around. They are easy to use. The train is the most cost effective and fastest option. Note that the train will be very busy straight after games, so try to find a place to have drinks, discuss the match and take in the nightlife instead, to dodge the frenzy. The Fanzone is great for this says FlightSite.

The spirit of the game: Get to the stadium early and watch the screening of games before South Africa kicks off. Games will be screened on big screens inside the stadium; so you can dodge long lines, get you into the Rugby spirit and warm up the vocal chords.

Birmingham full of thrills: South Africa is set to defeat Samoa in Birmingham (spirit of the game!) The RWC website recommends getting to the stadium 90 minutes before the game starts.

Birmingham will be ‘buzzing’ with all sorts of other events and activities. Take note that no prams and baby-buggies are allowed in the station, says FlightSite. Printing a map will help you stay on track.

Nights in Newcastle: Newcastle is 322 kilometres north of Birmingham. This is approximately 4 hours by car. Newcastle is renowned for its pumping nightlife. The locals, the “Geordies” are proud and feisty people, who make wonderful hosts.

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On the London: The next South African match, SA vs. USA, takes place in this iconic town. Newcastle to London is 450 kilometres away. Taking the train or flying is your best option. Get their as quickly as possible to ensure you enjoy the many things that UK’s crown jewels has to offer. Cars are no match for London. Walking, taking the tube or cycling will be your best bet.

Surviving RWC: Moving from one side of the UK to the other can get tiring. Make sure you have good quality walking shoes, water and padkos to avoid dehydration; spare tissues and change for using some public toilets; a fully charged phone or camera for pictures; hat and sunscreen; tickets safely stored in a wallet or purse – all inside of your backpack.

Useful info: As with any travel adventures, we don’t always stick to the plans. Things beyond our control could go wrong and public transport can run late. Be sure to be flexible and keep up to date with the city’s latest news.

Article Source : Travel 24
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