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Safe Driving: Know your limits

April 2016


With the re-introduction of the Dräger breathalyser system on South African roads, drivers and partygoers will need to pay extra attention to their alcohol consumption. Keeping a close eye on the amount of drinks consumed in a night, it may surprise you at how quickly you can reach the legal blood alcohol limit. It is always advisable to refrain from drinking if you will be driving, but if you’re unable to steer clear of alcoholic drinks, then keep the following rule of thumb in mind: one drink per hour. Below is an easy-to-follow guideline to ensure safer and more responsible drinking.

5 Tips to Prevent Someone from Driving Drunk

Whether you’re the designated driver or just a caring (albeit sober) friend, chances are you’ll find yourself having to convince someone to rather hand over their keys instead of driving.

  • Remain calm and don’t be overly confrontational when offering to either take their keys or take them home.
  • Try and take away their car keys as soon as possible. It will make the process of persuading the person a lot easier.
  • If you’re unable to take the person home, offer to have them stay over at your place. Also give the person’s loved one(s) a call to let them know the person is safe.
  • Call on others to assist you if you’re unable to convince the person yourself. Not only will you have backup, but it’s a lot harder for the person to say no to a group of people.
  • Remove the person from the premises quickly and quietly to prevent any altercations or possible damage to property.

Always keep in mind that just because someone feels sober and able to drive, it doesn’t always mean that they are.

If you feel that you, or someone you know, could be suffering from a drinking problem, seek help as soon as possible. Contact Alcoholics Anonymous’s national helpline on 0861 HELP AA (435 722) or visit their site to find your nearest AA support group.


Sources: AA, Arrive Alive

Article Source : Carte Blanche DSTV
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