How it works

Book direct - Follow our easy step by step process to secure your own booking on-line - either a computor or smart-phone.

Request a Quote - Should you have any questions and or your groups size requires you to send us a quotation request - complete the form under "Request a Quote" and we will get back to you soonest!

Register a Profile - You do not need to Register as  member in order to secure a booking.  However - by registering a profile you wil automatically start gaining the benefits of a frequent traveller; your booking process will be even faster as you are able to register your addresses and the system will complete it automatically and you will have a trck refference of all your transactions at your own finger tips.

Book a Flight - Travelstart at your fingertips.  You are now able to book your flight and shuttle without having to leave our webpage.  Just follow the About Page and the drop down Book your Flight